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Team Szczepanik (4) – Poland – Safety through web-based gaming

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The Project: HACKengers

The main goal of the project is to connect fun and education. By building our application we want to improve children knowledge on their safety during exploring the Internet. We are going to achieve it by developing a web-based game which allows the youngest users to find out about basic facts which are necessary to be safe.

The game will be divided into several levels. Each of them will consist of two main parts.

  • The first one is rather educational and it provides some useful information about particular topics such as computer protection, sharing personal data, safety during using social networks etc. The goal of this part of the game is to present these knowledge in colorful and attractive way. One of our ideas is to create a virtual friend, which guides child through particular topics and helps with advice when necessary.
  • The second part of each level will be an arcade game, which will be using information which were presented during the first part of level. Each challenge will be designed in way which allows to beat records and collect points, which is supposed to motivate children to pay more detailed attention on information presented during level introduction. We can provide few examples to show what we mean by this. One of a very important problems is publishing too much information about ourselves. We want to show a person sitting in front of a computer and typing own sensitive data into a form on a web page. This person might be named as child friend (thanks to Facebook API) to make him more preoccupied about the problem. Action starts in halfway of filling the form by person at risk. We are now small little creature in computer running across whole hardware and software, passing by many obstacles to prevent this dangerous situation. We must make it before submitting the form by our unaware friend. Another example concerns another sort of network problems. Our unaware friend is downloading files from untrusted source. Unfortunately those files contains malware. Now we turns into jetfighter and destroy viruses, worms and trojan horses in order to protect our friend’s computer and data. Besides malware annihilation, we can collect points which will allow us to install anti-virus or firewall on our friend’s computer.

An important aspect of the project is popularizing the application. Because of it we want it to be based on Facebook. It allows to access child’s friends lists and post entries on various pages which will be a big help during advertising the project. Posts can also contain some valuable information about being safe in the Internet. Another important fact is that children tend to play games which a popular among their friends, which should be used during such an educational project.


The Team

Bartlomiej Szczepanik

I study Computer Science at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. I am quite experienced in web development. I love getting to know new technologies and share my knowledge with other people. I am especially interested in Agile methods, NUI and algorithmics. I have been co-operating with a world-wide company ABB as scholarship holder of its foundation recently. Besides programming I like blues music and dance. I am a kind of idealist who always wants to change world for the better.

Dariusz Koziol

I study Computer Science at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. I am keen on both programming and graphic design. I am a member of Students Council of my university and also I am a graphic designer in Cracow department of international students organisation IAESTE, which allows students to travel abroad for their summer internships. I love designing web applications and making them intuitive and easy to use. In my free time I like getting to know new technologies. My other hobbies are astronomy and running.

Mateusz Buskiewicz

My name is Mateusz Buskiewicz and I study Computer Science at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. What I enjoy the most about computers is how they allow people to be creative and to do amazing things. I was involved in Open Source Community related to content management system called PHP-Fusion. I created various plugins for this CMS including flash games management system, admin panel management plugin and templates based on popular video games. In my work, I try to combine good software engineering practices with efficient algorithms and gorgeous design focused on great user experience. I am very interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I broaden my knowledge in both theory and practice of various AI sections, like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Mateusz Matrejek

From my early teens I was interested in everything connected with computers and new technologies. I have became Polish Ubuntu Forum Team Member in March 2009. I graduated from elementary school and high school in Bochnia and moved to Cracow in 2010. After graduating I decided to start studying Computer Science on University of Science and Technology in Cracow. During first year of studies I started to work as administrator and web developer in small company providing business training courses. I have became a big fan of Java and scripting languages such as Python or JavaScript including JQuery framework. I would describe myself as backend developer but I also feel good working with graphics editor and like thinking about creative aspects of developing software.

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