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Team SecondFriend (3) – Cambodia/Sweden/Germany – Content Curation – Winner 2nd Prize

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The Project: SecondFriend

Second Friend is a one-click fast track to establish a secure, confidential and anonymous chat channel for children in need to talk to a reliable third party without knowledge of their parents.

It consists of a front-end for the child in form of Chrome browser extension and a cross-platform mobile application and a web-based backend for the support organisation managing and responding to incoming chat requests.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Used Sources or Codes:

Tools: html5, less/CSS, JavaScript

Platforms: Google Chrome, Google App Engine, PubNub, Backbone.js


The Team:

Soe Thiha

Soe is an accidental coder. While working in activism and energy engineering, he discovered the magic and beauty of opensource, bits and bytes. He has contributed to opensource projects through two rounds of Google Summer of Code program. During free time, he helped out non-profit organizations with their IT needs.

Florian Rathgeber

I am PhD Student in Information Technology at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. At present, I am in long term visit at the Computer Laboratory in University of Cambridge. Last year I was visiting the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

Jan Järfalk

I’m a 27 year old UX loving javascript developer, but I’m not sure what I don’t do anymore. I love every single bit of a web project, even the part where things hit the fan… I like challenges. For better or worse I see to it that I’m a part of every stage from pitch to release. I sometimes use the title ‘Creative Technologist’ to sum up all this fuzziness. I have been working with the web since 2003 and is currently employed at a Swedish web studio named Circuit.

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