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Team School pARTy (5) – Italy – Creativity and learning at school

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The Project: SchoolpARTy

Project Vision: “Learning is more beautiful: split an image and color your piece to create real artworks. Now, teaming up at school becomes easier and funny!”

The project we want to propose is called “School pARTy”. As suggested by the name, the main goal of this project is to combine learning activities and creativity at school. Basically, the target users of our project are under-12 children and their teachers at school. The typical usage scenario can be rolled out as follows. During art lecture, the teacher wants to illustrate the Coliseum to her class in a special way. Therefore, she decides to use School pARTy. Firstly she launches the app, she finds a suitable picture of the Coliseum and then she splits that picture into sections to be colored by children. Children receive the assigned sections on their devices. At this point, each child can color the part of picture assigned to him, and can follow at the same time the artwork his classmates are developing. When the overall picture is complete, the teacher can share it with children’s parents and can create a printable poster of the picture.

We believe that School pARTy can strongly help in developing the creativity and the artistic side of children, increasing their learning and collaborative attitudes. Moreover, children will be encouraged to relate better with others, letting them to feel as an integral and fundamental part of the final project. Also, School pARTy can be used with any kind of image (for example from Google Images, from the teacher’s library, etc.), we are confident that this aspect of our project will stimulate and make learning “funny” for children. To our knowledge, School pARTy is the only app that focuses on the concept of collaboration in school context, without forgetting educational aspects different from drawing. It provides a new and unique tool to increase knowledge and creativity at the same time.


Screenshots of the project can be found here:

The Team:

Ivano Malavolta

I am a Research Fellow in Computer Science at the Computer Science Department of the University of L’Aquila. My research interests include software architecture, Mobile Applications Development, and Model-Driven Engineering techniques.
I am also a freelance developer and designer of Mobile and Web Applications.
For more information about me please refer to my website:

Michele Spaziani

Michele Spaziani is a third year Computer Science’s student at University of L’Aquila.
He first interested in Computer Science and after the high school, he joined the university of L’Aquila.
He followed the course “Mobile Applications Development” at the University that helps him to discover the mobile application world.
Michele loves creating apps for mobile devices and his first experience with the mobile was with Windows Phone.
He also likes creating and managing websites for personal use and not only: he has some websites since 2010.

Manuel Dell’Elce

Student of Computer Science at the University of L’Aquila, Italy. Here he also followed the course “Mobile Applications Development”. Strong passion for information technology and self-taught person since the age of 12. Starting with security, then he moved into programming web and desktop applications, both cross platform and platform-specific. Currently his areas of interest includes: template independent web wrappers, data integration and more broadly all fields that have room for innovation. His noticeable wip projects are pwf and forum-monitor. The first is a cross-platform framework for creating, managing and executing web wrappers that auto adapt to different templates and to template changes. The second is a cross-platform desktop application for detecting and get advised of new messages in forums of all types.

Alexander Perucci

Alexander he is a third year student of Computer Science at the University of L’Aquila, Italy.
Here he followed the course “Mobile Applications Development”. He loves to develop web and mobile apps. When he was still a child he developed web and
desktop applications for fun, he knew he had discovered what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Before enrolling at the degree course in Computer Science, Alexander worked at the company of marble processing “Perucci Marmi”, as technical of CNC Machine for the transformation of natural and synthetic stone. It was a wonderful job but his dream led him to enroll at university.

Giampiero Di Paolo

Giampiero Di Paolo is a third year student of Computer Science at University of L’Aquila. He followed the course of “Mobile Applications Development”. His first work experience (a
traineeship) was the project “Noi, L’Aquila”, made in collaboration among Google, the City of L’Aquila, University of L’Aquila and the architect Barnaby Gunning. He has found ways to
combine studies with his hobbies and he enjoys spending his free time creating applications, especially web ones and for mobile devices. He loves writing organized, performant and reusable code. He is obsessive about design of perfect interfaces and he can spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect style and positioning for each element.

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