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Team Milktooth (2) – Italy – Filter linked to parent device – Winner 3rd Prize

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The Project:

Our project has two parts: 1) a tool for enabling or disabling web navigation filters for children automatically, without asking for a password or changing user, by detecting the presence of a Bluetooth or NFC device near the PC.

When Daddy is near the PC (with his smartphone in his pocket) filters are switched off, when he walks away they are turned on immediately. 2) a demo of a simple implementation of a protocol for operating content filters server-side, in addition to existing voluntary content classification systems (like RTA or SafeSurf) which filter whole pages or domains on the client side. The browser adds an additional HTTP header in its request, asking to limit the type of content returned, and the server can tailor its response: Google can force SafeSearch on, Facebook can set proper privacy defaults, they can possibly exclude ads targeted to adults (like gambling), etc..

The main advantage is the possibility to filter single page elements (like some pictures in Google Image Search) rather than the page as a whole. This can help solving the request made by Simona on the EUHackathon suggestion page, by configuring the settings client-side in a single place and letting each content provider decide how to cope with children safety. There are many privacy issues, but this is mainly a demo for starting a discussion.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

The Team:

Nicola Ferioli

Nicola starts playing with computers by programming videogames in Assembly and writing a couple of open-source utilities.
After getting an MSc in Electronic Engineering he works at Digital Equipment, Compaq and HP, writing and selling telco software. Here he learns about parallel computing, databases and ways to place phone calls for free. In 2006 he joins Google Italy and he travels around Europe promoting web technologies and APIs among developers and customers.
In 2010 he founds OpenMantra (a web consultancy company) and in 2011 he launches Payokee, a community marketplace for deal lovers.

Mauro Mascia

My name is Mauro Mascia and I come from Sardinia (Italy), a beatiful island in the center of the Mediterranean sea. I’m graduated in Computer Science and soon after I’ve started to work.
In the past three years I’ve worked on a cool project that involves a prototypal E-Ink platform on which we (me with a team) have worked with C, bash and Python. Next, I’ve done some Cloud Computing experiences and in the meanwhile I have developed some Web sites (from scratch or using CMS like WordPress and Drupal). Now I’m starting the freelance adventure hoping to have fun and why not, makes some money.

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