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Team Le Garage (5) – France – Space invaders quizz – Winner 3rd Prize

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The Project:

The game looks like a space invaders, but the invaders are substituted by Answers. A question is asked and you have to shoot the bad answers. The answers can be pictures, texts or numbers. The originality is that the players can create, share, edit quiz. You can create a quiz about Country Flags, Mathematics, History, Translation…… there is no limit, just the imagination. Teachers can create quizzes for students, Students can create quizzes for friends, family even for the teacher anyone. You can play single, dual or both together.

The application will be cross platform, Desktop (Java), Browser or Android, with PlayN API. The scores and data will be save on the datastore of Google App Engine. Players share results to a community of players or friends……


The Team:

Maxime Mularz

I have a degree in web development and a degree in sciences from the University of Picardie, France. I’m a part-time web developer at 4Planet, a French company working on Google Cloud Platform (Google App Engine) and Google Technologies like GWT (Google Web Toolkit).

I have also been a high school math teacher for 7 years, and I’m currently lecturing Google Technologies at the University of Picardie.

Mathias Bazire

I have a degree in Media Technologies and at the moment I’m a student at the University of Picardie. I’m studying for a degree in web development and I’m currently a trainee at Sylpheo, working on Android Technologies.

I have a good knowledge of Java, PHP (Zend FrameWork), and Javascript programming.

Fanette Cohen

My first career was in the world of art history and town planning. For the last three years, my career has been in graphic design. I have worked on diverse projects, from website creation to software interface design. I currently work at Sylpheo.

Mason Louchart

I’m a student at the University of Picardie. I’m studying for a degree in web development. I’m currently training at 4Planet, working on Google Technologies. I have a good knowledge of Java, PHP (Zend FrameWork), Javascript programming languages.

Vincent Demortier

At the end of the previous century, I graduated with a masters degree in Computer sciencesfrom the University of Paris, and with a master degree in supply-chain management from Bordeaux Business School. Today, I’m an entrepreneur; founder of 4PLanet, offering a collaborative – I might say “SoLoMo” ? – platform on the web for supply-chain management. I’m co-founder of the start-up incubator Le Garage, specialized in cloud computing and mobility. And I’m a sponsor of the Masters in Cloud Computing at University of Picardie. I’m now initiating a local Google Developper Group. I’m keen on participating in exciting projects which combine technology, creativity and added value for the users.

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