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Team KaringKoalas (2) – Finland – Bullying reporting/analysis

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The Project:

In Finland in 2010, 5% of 15-29 year olds are socially excluded from the society and the number is growing.

Currently, the problem is being solved by treating the symptoms, not the causes. Of course, this is very expensive for the society.

School bullying is a major reason behind the problem. School bullying can be divided into physical, verbal, emotional and cyber-bullying. Physical bullying is easily identified, enabling outside intervention. The other forms of bullying are much more sophisticated, and therefor knowing when to interfere is extremely difficult. The earlier bullying is identified, the easier is to intervene. When the intervention is done in the early stage of bullying, the cycle of bullying can be stopped. This reduces social problems for both the bully and bullied. Proposed solution is to provide data about when intervention is needed.

The solution consists of:  gathering first-hand data via mobile questionnaire; analysis of data; informing needed parties (assisting the decision making).

The Team:

Teemu Tapanila

Software developer at Appelsiini. Software developer at Symbio. Technical Head of AppCampus, Aalto Center for Enterpreneurship, Aalto University Leader & Founder, Windows Phone Aalto Community Student Partner, Microsoft.

Karl Ots

Karl Ots believes that smart mobile devices and great user experiences can and will make the world a better place. In his everyday life he applies that passion to his work as a technical consultant at Symbio. Karl is also finishing his studies on computer sciences and interactive design at University of Tampere. Karl is a Microsoft Student Partner, has published several international papers and holds a patent. His Twitter handle is @fincooper.

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