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Team 909c (3) – France – Educating children about their Social Graph

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At 909c, we’ve brainstormed a little about the Hack4Kids challenge and thought about a visual social environment for kids.

The Project

It could be an interactive and intuitive interface for kids, curated with the help of parents and personnalized trusted contents.

The aim would be to offer the same powerful social functionnalities that we people know to the children with a nice UX to allow exploration, discovery and serendipity based on Parents choices, trusted contents recommandation (movies, cartoons, drawings, photos, videos ?), and little friends interactions (with the same contents chosen by their parents etc.).

Social environments today can be really noisy and dangerous, especially for children (that’s why we protect them by not allowing them on Social Networks). We believe that education to social media interactions is important for kids to prepare them to face all those informations that we are consuming everyday. Learn them intuitively to represent themselves and visually modelize their Social Graph could be a way to start educating them to a world where real and virtual interactions are merging and where finding our way is not an easy road.


The Team

Benjamin Andreosso

My life motto : “Hack things better »
When I joined 909c as a Hacker Technologist, after studying Computer Science during 5 years, I was drawn into the Graph, surrounded by Social Design, Algorithms and programming objects, seeking for optimized solutions. Since then, I have never gotten out of it.

Cédric Deniel

Countryside Hacker at 909c, I’m specialized in Web programming, Social Networking and Multimedia Communications. I was missioned by the Graph to design and hack to enhance user experience with knowledge of the universe and sometimes…of gardening.


Pierre Bellet

Learning and curating everyday about Technology, Design and Social Medias, I’m currently a Creative Technologist, exploring and thinking about new digital & social experiences.

I prototype and design UI, IxD and UX for users through a Social Design approach. I define myself as a hacker because I love to find the breach in our daily life, break things and cracking them with new ideas in order to improve systems.
I fell into the Graph in 2010 when joining 909c agency, and I’m now floating into nodes and connections, trying to organize theminto better experience for people.[/col2]

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