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Tasha Carl (1) – Belgium – Learning through gaming

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The Project:

Since the beginning of programming, and even more since the internet became accessible to everybody, projects appear around the globe, bringing together coders who have the common interest of developing software bots whose only goals are to defeat other bots in virtual arenas. Starting as simple low-intelligence programs, these applications became more and more complex and “intelligent” while the complexity of the arenas grown in the same manner. Over the years, all this evolved into huge online playgrounds handling hundreds of games at the same time. Despite of the fact that nearly all of these projects are war games, they represent excellent programming exercises pushing programmers to make their bots better and better. As a matter of fact, competition drives innovation.

The Sagan-2 project aims to bring this kind of game to kids (age range 11-15 years) in order to use the idea for educational purpose. Obviously, the principles have to be adapted in many ways in order to fit this purpose. The PDF document referenced above analyses what criteria such a project should be able to fulfill and gives practical examples how this could work.

Detailed project description:

The Team:

Tasha Carl

After my studies in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, I started my career in a R&D department designing a remote surveillance and access control system. Over the years however, my projects became more “classic” and by and by, I left the hardware domain and concentrated entirely on software development, traveling from the C++ “Old World” to the new Java continent. After years enjoying XML configuration files with Struts, Hibernate, Spring and J2EE applications, I finally specialized myself in Java EE 6.

Today, I work as Information System and Java Architect, as Technical Manager, as Java Developer or as Trainer, having my main emphasis on Java Enterprise Edition 6 technologies. Occasionally, I speak at conferences. I’m organizing the Brussels Java User Group and the Random Hacks of Kindness Belgium event. I’m currently also member of the DEVOXX team and also do a lot of “Robotics for Kids” workshops for the Greenlight For Girls foundation.

Despite of my passion for Java, I still am very connected to more industrial ICT, electronics and low-level programming (Embedded Technologies, Ardiuno, NAO robots, Lego Mindstorm, C/C++ and much more).

You can find me on twitter @Imifos or on my blog

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