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Gianluca Cancelmi (1) – Italy – Trivia quizz – Winer 2nd Prize

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The Project:

My idea is to make fact-based learning (like geography or history) more fun by transforming it into a trivia game. The hack will use the wikipedia api to parse content and extract relevant information from predefined pages.

There will be three main parts for this hack: The first is going to be the question generation algorithm that will scan wikipedia and will try to create questions automatically by following predefined parsing patterns. The second is going to be the question review where parents/teachers will be able to quickly approve/discard sets of auto-generated questions from the first stage. The third part is going to be the game itself which will take the form of various triva formats like “guess the answer”, “sort x in order of y”, etc.. The game part will also incorporate social aspects where kids can post their trivia score on social networks or group with other friends to play the game.

We expect to distribute the hack as a web app.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

The Team:

Gianluca Cancelmi

Gianluca is the founder of bitRibelle, a young start-up established in London in 2009 as a laboratory for creative experimentation and innovation.

Gianluca’s main background is videogames development, having worked for different companies on various games, including hits like Burnout Legends and Street Fighter Alpha.

Driven by years of experience working with handheld game consoles (going all the way back to the Gameboy), Gianluca’s aim is to create quirky interactive products and have fun developing them.

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