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Alastair Briggs (1) – UK – Telling stories through mobile phone pictures

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The Project:

STOP MOTION FILM – filmed and edited on a mobile device (phone, tablet etc). My idea is that a set of images taken with a mobile phone can be edited and an audio track added to the images on a mobile device that could be quickly uploaded to youtube etc. Ideally I would use an iPad during the Hackathon as this would be a great single device to target in such a short timescale. The touch interface would be perfect for kids of 5 and older to master the taking of a photo.

The problem that would need to be solved would be how to keep the device in the same position for all of the photos – this could be solved with a physical solution or using software the user could be assisted to get the camera back to roughly the same position as the previous photo. The software would be able to rotate the photos so that differences in orientation match and also to match the zoom of the photos. Once the photos are looking the same they would be put together into a sequence and then it would be possible to add an audio track to add a story to the video.

The Team:

Alastair Briggs

Developer with expertise in mobile, desktop and web – in-depth knowledge of iOS, Mac OS, J2ME, JavaEE and all web technologies. Interested in mobile tools for education and has launched several apps in various app stores with apps with an educational focus.

I have worked as a developer and technical architect for 16 years in various languages – for large and small companies. I have worked on educational projects – most recently on the European project Moblang – to use mobile phones to promote & teach minority languages in the EU. Moblang 2009 – 2010 A project to enable learning of minority languages via a mobile phone. uHavePassed 2008 – 2010 – A mobile platform to prepare for an exam or test. getawayphrases 200-2008 – A mobile platform for holiday makers to pick 100 words and phrases in Spanish, German, French or Italian. My technical skills are in iOS, Java (EE & ME), Symbian, HTML (4,5 JS and CSS) and many other areas.

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